Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunset Rubdown

A Few summers ago Spencer Krug and I tried to burn a copy of some songs he made under the name Sunset Rubdown. My computer was being cranky and we kept on getting burning errors. We did manage to get the first four songs burnt. He told me that the songs weren't very good and that I shouldn't expect much. When I finally heard the songs it was clear that he was was being modest.

The four songs became a hit around the house that I was living in at the time. I think that may have something to do with how I lost that CD-R. I've been meaning to get a copy of the whole album ever since. Now thanks to Global Symphonic it is available for purchase with cover art and all.

This recording should not be confused with a Wolf Parade album, it is much more experimental and wide in its scope. That said Wold Parade fans will find it interesting to hear what Spencer was working on prior to the band whilst he was still a member of Frog Eyes. Some of the songs definitely do foreshadow Wolf Parade though. Such as "I'll Believe in Anything You'll Believe in Anything" which Wolf Parade covered in their CBC Radio 3 sessions.
Other songs like "Stadiums And Shrines" give me the sensation of being heavily dosed with horse tranquilizers and watching the band play in slow motion with no sound.

"I'll Believe in Anything You'll Believe in Anything" Wolf Parade playing a Sunset Rubdown song on CBC Radio 3

"Stadiums And Shrines" From Snake's Got a Leg


Kevin said...

Ah, you all beat me to this one. Just got a copy of 'Snake's Got A Leg' in the mail on Thursday, and it is spectacular. I am especially digging the title track, pts. 1 and 2, 'I know the weight of your Throat', and 'hope you don't stoop to dirty words' 1 and 2. Spencer's voice is just so compelling in its own right- great record.

1:58 PM  
Jay said...

The title tracks are very good, when I first wrote the post I was thinking of including part 2!

3:04 PM  
ian said...

I'm still eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive in the mail. I continue to be impressed by the fact that Global Symphonic only charges $12 canadian postage paid for Cds.

3:23 PM  
Kevin said...

I know, $12 canadian is such a sweet price- this album is both cheap and amazing (such a nice conjunction of adjectives).

5:13 PM  
lori said...

jay! maybe it's time to 'clean house' of all that back room junk if you loose cd-rs like that ;) i am going to go buy that album now....very exciting!!!

4:58 PM  
Negadon said...

8:11 PM  

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