Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Six Finger Satellite

Sorry for the lack of posts, Ian is out of town and I have been extremely busy. I did however do a suburb trip this weekend, which resulted in some record finds. I'd Like to post those now but I'm too lazy to record the vinyl right now. You can look forward to some vinyl goodness in the next week.

This will be the latest installment in the unplanned underappreciated Subpop bands series. Although this record is not current, Six Finger Satellite's Severe Exposure is almost more timely now than when it was released in 1995.

Noisy with angular guitar and a steady beat! How 2005!

Parlour Games


nwm said...

I'm glad to see a song from this record. I always loved how there was no printing on the CD and it was a crap shoot when you put it in the deck whether you had it the right side up or not. I was lucky enough to pick this up when they were touring in support of it (or maybe it was Paranormalized) with Jesus Lizard. Ahead of their time musically to be sure.

Actually I seem to recall that David Yow insisted that the JL play with the house lights turned on and wandered into the audience with a pitcher in the middle of a song pulled down the pants of a member of 6FS (don't remember who, it was too long ago) and poured beer on his penis. The JL didn't stop playing the whole time and Yow was pretty much singing while he wandered down. Needess to say the crowd gave him more space on the way back up on stage than on the way down. Well that's the story I pieced together based on what I could see through the crowd and what people told me the next day. One can only ponder the level of camaraderie or lack thereof that had developed on that tour.

I realize that that story sounds totally made up, but I swear this is how I remember it, it might even be stranger than this.

3:01 AM  
Jay Watts III said...

I refer you to the Six Finger Satellite Megapost, complete with a couple of errors.

10:07 AM  

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