Monday, June 20, 2005

Scrabble High Score 409

Owen Ashworth is Casiotone for the Painfully alone. Last night I saw him perform an amazing show at Blim. The night started off interesting when the elevator broke down while Owen, his pulpit and seven other people were still inside. His pulpit was a key element in a well thought out visual performance. I typically find it boring to watch an electronic artist perform, yet I was engrossed in Owen's performance. He had a stack of five or six guitar amps that he piped his assortment of little keyboards, drum machines and pedals through. The lack of a laptop also made the show interesting. Rather than simply hitting the play button and playing minesweep, he was constantly moving about adjusting his machines.

The music is good, but it is the lyrics that are making me play this album on repeat. Owen has a gift of creating beautiful vignettes that are detailed yet cryptic enough to be interesting. Rather than isolated poetics his songs suggest larger stories and deeper characters.

I am so excited about this album, I hope you are too. You can go find out more about it a Tom Lab.

It Wasn't The Same Somehow

Roberta C.


darwin said...

They played the records that we all know /
They played them fast and they played them slow /
With crazy lights and the music loud /
It just wasn't the same, somehow..

Btw, he has a livejournal here.


1:09 PM  

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