Thursday, June 30, 2005


I started writing this entry on May 2nd (!) after seeing Final Fantasy open for the Arcade Fire at a neat old theatre in Toronto. Now that I'm laid up with conjunctivitis and a sinus infection I'm feeling just hot enough to actually get the tracks up. I'll even eke out a promise to post regularly and write actual entries.

Final Fantasy is Owen Pallett who plays in more than a few bands. Thankfully, not too long ago, he released a mostly solo album showcasing his very neat project of marrying his violin to a looping pedal.

The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead
The Chronicles of Sarnia

Final Fantasy photo by Sarah Ruba @ cellointhebasement.


Anonymous said...

I still very much enjoy the CN Tower track! Have you checked out his site? He has posted a marvellous mp3 of his covering a J.Newsom song. Unfortunately, there is a problem with feedback noise in that recording.

10:39 PM  
Anthony said...

Ahh final fantasy absolutely kicks ass!

That guy puts on an incredible show.

Just curious though, why do you guys put the site name into the artist field of the tracks?

11:23 PM  
ian said...

Welcome back Amy!

5:36 AM  
ian said...

I've been kind of wary of this guy. In all the interviews/photos I've seen, he looks way too earnest or something. But these songs are pretty awesome.

6:03 AM  
ian said...

I bought this CD on the weekend and it's pretty awesome. Thanks for the recommendation Amy!

9:21 AM  
andrew said...

i love this site.

3:48 PM  

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