Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Killed in the Ratings

Both of these songs are from bands that I thought were going to go on to release a series of classic albums that would eventually become part of the indie-rock canon. In both cases, I purchased their debut EPs and was immediately blown away by the songs. They seemed to be doing everything I wanted rock bands to do. But, for both bands, album after album failed to meet the expectations of the EP and I continued to hope that they would go back to playing what made them so good in the first place.

North of America - Killed in the Ratings
The 8 song EP Elements of an Incomplete Map sounded like everything that was good about indie rock in 1995. That might turn some people off right away, but for me its sort of music I've been waiting for bands to start playing again. I hear a lot of Archers of Loaf in this song, but mostly I hear awesomeness. Later on they started doing some kind of math-rock thing that really didn't work for me. They also ditched the Malkmus-style singer for someone else, which sucked.
[Buy the EP from Matlock Records]

764-Hero - Sunburnt
During my Modest Mouse worship phase, I was looking for any band that was doing something similar. On the We're Solids EP, the unfortunately named 764-Hero managed to perfectly capture the depressing, stripped down pop-song thing I was into. Later on they found a bass player (they were originally a 2-piece) and got way more poppy. Not bad, necessarily, but each successive album started to sound more and more the same.
[Buy the EP from Suicide Squeeze Records]


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