Monday, May 16, 2005

(I get the) craziest feeling

A while back I posted some songs from the great online record label Comfort Stand Records, which provides freely downloadable albums by a few dozen artists. While Joe Meek is pretty awesome, my actual favorite artist on Comfort Stand has to be Edith Frost. Usually releasing her albums on Drag City records, Frost decided to reward fans with a free album of demos from her previous albums, the entirety of which can be downloaded here. (They even provide full color images of the cover art and the liner notes!) I was very excited to hear the alternate versions of some of my favorite songs from albums like Telescopic such as 'Walk on the Fire', and there are plenty of other good songs. My favorite is the song below, which is one of the few songs on the album played with a full band. It's kind of a slow country dirge, but is quite pleasant.

Edith Frost - (I get the) craziest feeling

Frost is also one of the few artists to maintain a regularly updated blog, so I have to give her props for that. You can look at the blog here.


elfie said...

absolutely beautiful song... I hear the sadness and simplicity of Catpower with the Texas twang/swing of Lucinda Williams. I get the urge to put this on repeat while I sip tea and read Sylvia Plath. (love the site, by the way)

11:28 AM  

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